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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

It only happens once a year!

Academy City’s biggest event on the calendar, the Daihasei Sports Festival, kicks off with an explosive pledge from Gunha. From there, the week long festivities began across the city. While several schools are favored to take the top spots, Tokiwadai Middle School is one to especially look out for. Even with restrictions placed upon their strongest, they’re a force to be reckoned with. During the three-legged race, Misaka, along with her partner, Kongou, put on a impressive display from start to finish. Unfortunately, staying clean during a sports festival is impossible. Believing she could make it back in time for the next event, Misaka left for a change of clothes. Unfortunately, she returned a tad late, though it would seem she was already on scene. Taken in by mistake, Misaka 10032 will get to experience an event she could only watch from a distance. However, she best watch her back. Unknown to her, several players have begun to make their moves.

On the surface, this episode was all about participating in the Daihasei Sports Festival. Although keeping it simple is no fun. From the depths of Academy City, one of its many factions, MEMBER, have set their eyes on Misaka. Assigned to disable Misaka in the next event, Baba Yoshio is none the wiser who he’s about to face. Meanwhile, Saten had a interesting run in with a familiar presence. She can’t quite put a name to the face, though she know they’ve met somewhere before. Just what is MEMBER up to? Anyhow, who will take the next event? Enjoy filling in for Misaka!







Click here for the 2nd webm collection.


How long will the fun last? Those in the shadows begin to move next time.

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