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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 118

by Yumiko

What does it take to defeat a devil?

Before losing himself completely, a promise between friends was made. In a battle that left a landmark upon the kingdom, Prince Lemiel stood alone. His display of magic against the giant demon would become a legend, though one matter still remained. The devil that began this whole tragedy loomed in the distance. However, he would not get away freely. After gathering up the magic stones left behind by Licht, Secre performed a forbidden magic. At the cost of throwing away her own humanity, she was able to seal away the devil. Unfortunately, before being completely sealed away, the devil used the magic stones to set his next plan in motion. The reincarnation of the elves was assured, and there was nothing they could do about it. Knowing this devil would one day break free from her seal, Secre turned to her mortally wounded prince. In order to secure the future, she once more performed a forbidden spell. Upon sealing Lemiel away for another day, she was turned into a bird. Nonetheless, during the next 500 years she remained vigilant. Forever watching until she and her prince were needed once more.

Their long vigil is finally over. Taking the Shadow Palace by storm, Lemiel and Secre have joined in on the battle. While those around them are surprised to see the first Magic Emperor, this is no time for proper greetings. Still, not everyone is ready for this battle. They’ll need Licht to fully open his eyes before going all out. With the aid of Secre’s magic, two destined friends can now stand side by side again. Facing their ancient enemy, they unleash the full extent of their magic. Sadly, magic of this world can not kill a devil. Not even the full wrath of the elves was enough. Although there is one among their group that holds a power that is not of this world. The boy unloved by magic is now their greatest hope of ending this battle. Anyhow, limits are about to be surpassed. Enjoy the last pieces of the past!





Click here for the 118th webm collection.


Is anti-magic the key to winning this battle? We’re going all out next Tuesday!

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