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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 117

by Yumiko

That’s no bird!

After securing a ride from Finral, they’ve arrived at the bones of the dead giant demon. Inside the magic stones sat unattended. Their purpose for the elves may be done, but “Nero” has another use for them. From up above, Prince Lemiel Silvamilllion Clover is needed once more. Upon placing the magic stones into the first Magic Emperor’s statue, two friends were reunited. The sealed away prince, and his loyal servant, Secre Swallowtail, have unfinished business to attend to. Wasting not a single moment, Lemiel and Secre head for the Shadow Palace. During their short flight, Secre begins to remember the past. 500 years ago, she was born into nobility. Unfortunately, her luck ended there. Those around her believed sealing magic was worthless. The only place for a noble such as her was being a servant to royalty. While she dreaded what was to come, she was pleasantly surprised upon meeting Lemiel. Not only did he far surpass her expectations, he had a sincere interests in her magic. Together they worked on creating magical tools. It was the prince’s dream to one day create a equal society using his inventions. Not only for the people of his kingdom, but also to the elves he befriended. Sadly, his dream would never come to pass. From the shadows, a devil had long been pulling strings. On the day of his sister’s wedding, he was summoned by his father, the king. However, this was merely a trap. As the prince was tied up, his family and tools were put to nefarious deeds. Fortunately, his loyal servant was never far behind him. Unsealed from the devil’s binds, Lemiel and Secre raced towards the wedding, although they were far too late. Still, a single soul was left standing. His grimoire was beyond redemption, yet he held onto a sliver of hope. Lemiel’s arrival was all he needed to help pull himself slightly back from the depths of despair. Nonetheless, it was only a matter of time before the devil claimed his body. Before that could happen, he made Lemiel promise to stop him. Instead of the devil claiming his body, Licht unleashed a forbidden magic using the magic stones. Shedding his elven skin, a giant demon stood in his place.

Lemiel and Secre are only moments away from joining the final battle, though a lot has happened inside the Shadow Palace. Our devil has grown tired of playing games. Unleashing the power of his newly claimed grimoire, a nameless growing horror has begun to fill the Shadow Palace. Those that come into contact with this spell shall find their magic and life-force drained away. A direct confrontation with the devil is now more difficult than ever, yet there’s another problem. As this magic falls into the lower parts of the palace, elves and knights stand unaware of what’s coming. Before they are unknowingly swallowed up, Nozel heads down to save those below. Meanwhile, Asta, Patry, and Yuno are ordered to join the fight above. They’ll need all the help they can get to take down this devil. Anyhow, the final two fighters have nearly arrived. Enjoy another piece of the past!





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We’re not out of the past yet. Join us for another one next Tuesday.

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