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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

There’s a new goddess?

Since the disappearance of Peashy, Neptune has begun to lie to herself. Going out on daily patrols and slaying helpless monsters is not the Neptune everyone loves. Those around her could only hopelessly watch, though Pururut can only take so much. Forcing Neptune to be honest with herself through a duel did just the trick, yet bad news awaited them afterwords. From out of the blue, Histoire announced a new nation was formed upon R-18 Island. Rushing back to the scene they had just investigated, the goddesses were greeted by Anonydeath. After refusing to recognize Eden as a sovereign nation, Yellow Heart came out to play. A new goddesses with a love for fighting took on all her foes at once. While on the surface it appeared she never took a point of damage, she has a limit. Once said limit was up, the true face behind this new goddess was revealed. The dare friend Neptune was desperately searching for was right before her eyes. Unable to further act, Peashy’s “parents” took the next step. Their single demand to the world was unlimited exports of erotic materials to the other nations, or face war against Eden. Neptune must now face an impossible choice.

Just what in the world is going on with Peashy? We’ve already seen she’s under the control of her so called parents. However, her suddenly becoming a goddess can’t be done by normal means. There’s just something that’s not adding up, and that could be what Pururut has been looking for. Moreover, Peashy’s “mother”, Rei, is one to keep an eye on. She claims to be just a mere social activist forced into this whole crazy scheme, though that can’t possibly be. The mastermind behind everything shall soon be revealed. Anyhow, all the players are already on the board. Enjoy a battle against friends!





Click here for the 9th webm collection.


There will be war. Catch the start of it next year!

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