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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken OAD Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Let’s clap some cheeks!

Everything continues to go well within Tempest, though Rimuru has always been unable to enjoy one aspect of it. In order to remedy this problem, Vesta created a sleeping pill just for Rimuru. While clinical trials weren’t complete, what’s the worst that could happen? However, after falling into a deep slumber, Rimuru came to a great realization. What’s there to even dream about in this world? His entire nation is greatly lacking in pastime entertainment. The introduction of a sport from this first life shall surely fix this problem. A sport that even the people of Tempest could partake in it came to fruition. Unfortunately, what Rimuru initially had in mind didn’t quite come out as planned. The national pastime of Tempest turned into butt sumo. Although that could only be possible in a dream. A dream Rimuru has finally awoken from. Those pills will never see the light of day again.

While this episode was mainly a dream, it provided lots and lots of fan service. Equal opportunity was presented for both sides, though of course the ladies of Tempest stole the spotlight. Sadly, we’ll never know which female contestant has the strongest cheeks. There’s no ring out there that can contain their clapping. Moreover, it turns out these OAD episodes will be continuing on for some time. We’ve got at least 3 more to come, so look forward to the future. Things are always looking up for the citizens of Tempest. Anyhow, it’s a sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Enjoy a round of butt sumo!





Click here for the 1st OAD webm collection.


We’ve still got a few more of these to come. Stay tuned for more slime!

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Shin (@guest_4207)
1 year ago

Does anyone know what is Shion’s outfit during the sumo sessionis called? 

Yumiko (@guest_2542)
4 years ago

Glad to be of service. There’s more to come too, so look forward to them!

Justin Ohara
Justin Ohara (@guest_2541)
4 years ago

Nice I didn’t know another ova was out