Violet Evergarden Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

It’s all in the past…

Prior to Gilbert’s arrival into Violet’s life, she was nearly a blank slate. Violet had no ability to read or write, nor did she have a name. However, that would all quickly change. Unlike everyone else around Violet, Gilbert didn’t view her as a weapon. He strongly believed she should live out a normal life. Unfortunately, those above Gilbert refused to let such a strong asset go. As the war brought them closer together, it would soon tear them apart. During the final battle, Violet witnessed Gilbert’s fall. A memory Violet hoped was just a dream can longer be ignored. In the face of overwhelming evidence, Violet has broken down. The single hope keeping her going is no more. Anyhow, he was more than just a casualty of war. Enjoy a window into the past!





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There’s more to this tragic past. Catch the last of it next time.

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