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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 110

by Yumiko

Death was merely a set back!

Sally’s invitation into the Eye of the Midnight Sun was truly only for one purpose. Through her research they were able to create a body for Licht’s soul. However, two other bodies have been slowly developing. Though they may have fallen twice, Fana and Vetto have returned for a third time. While their stay is ensured, the same can not be said for their fellow elves. In order to make that dream come true, the Apostles of Sephira have gathered to summon the Shadow Palace. A relic of the past buried beneath Clover Castle shall be the final stage. Once the last magic stone is obtained, it’s a total victory for the elves. Fortunately, reinforcements have arrived. Asta and friends have dealt with the last of the fodder. Only the 10 apostles and a few noteworthy elves remained, yet someone has to deal with the rabble. After eight of the apostles entered the Shadow Palace, two stayed behind. The eternal sleeper, Dorothy, has split the Black Bulls in two. While she deals with a few in her dream world, Gauche and his sister plan to hold off the rest.

The Shadow Palace may be up, but there’s still hope for the Clover Kingdom. Jack the Ripper and Yami are on their tails. Additionally, Yuno has yet to show up. Until he arrives, they are forced to wait. However, it’s only a matter of time. They’ve waited 500 years for revenge, so what’s an hour or two for these elves? Moreover, the apostles and captains weren’t the only ones to enter the Shadow Palace. Rades and Valtos have both pushed forward. Whether its for revenge or finding out the truth, they head into the unknown together. Anyhow, only the strongest are left standing. Enjoy summoning the final stage!





Click here for the 110th webm collection.


Do they have what it takes? We face off against a friend next time!

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