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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 109

by Yumiko

Has anyone seen the king?

Throughout the havoc brewing outside, Augustus Kira Clover XIII ignored it all. His meeting with Langris’ parents took precedence, after all. The king wanted answers for Langris’ recent actions, but he won’t be getting any. Langris, or in actuality, Ratri, has taken House Kira by storm. While his loved ones attempted to stop him, they were powerless before him. Fortunately, Jack the Ripper, Yami, and Finral weren’t far behind. They’ve secured everyone, though Ratri won’t let anyone walk away alive. Even their best efforts to bring him down only did the opposite. As he fell deeper and deeper into a rage, Finral stepped forward alone to save his little brother. He may have left everything behind on Langris’ shoulders, but as the older brother he knows when his sibling is hurting. At the peak of Ratri’s instability, Finral wasn’t even on his radar. A single punch has take him out, and a extended hand saved his little brother.

Ratri may be out cold, but other elves are still on the move. Over at House Vermillion, they were able to save everyone inside. However, one elf was able to catch them in the act. Baval currently holds down Mimosa, Kirsch, and En. Moreover, all the necessary elves have gathered within their floating base. The next step of their master plan has also been revealed. In order to make their stay permanent, the final magic stone must be obtained. Around Yuno’s neck is the key to a new dawn for the elves. After taking that stone to the castle, there’s no telling what will pop up. Anyhow, the king still lives. Enjoy fending off the elves once more!





Click here for the 109th webm collection.


Did you miss them? The main crew takes center stage next time.

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