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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

The show must go on!

Black Madia’s arrival has changed nothing. Once the school sealed itself off, the decision to carry out this tournament was final. While she lurked in the shadows, Melida’s days flew by. Troubled by Elise’s words, she was torn on how to proceed forward. Fortunately, Kufa took notice. The night before the glass palace battle, he gave Melida the encouragement she needed. If they can cross blades without holding back, their feelings for one another would be felt. Nonetheless, Melida was able to do just that. Even as an inferior class, Elise was no match for her strength. Unfortunately, Black Madia had seen enough. Dropping her charade as Nerva, the tournament was forced to a standstill. During Black Madia’s havoc, she destroyed the guardians protecting the glass palace, thus allowing Kufa to enter. This time their encounter wouldn’t end in a draw, though Kufa couldn’t send her back in pieces. In order to appease the head of his guild, he’s sent her back with a report. Nevertheless, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Black Madia. Father has sent her back, but this time as a teacher at St. Friedswiede. If they can’t get proof through the back entrance, then they’ll do so through the front gate.

Prior to the glass palace battle, Kufa was on the look out for Black Madia. He knew she was hiding disguised as a student, but who he accused first was wrong. A clown can’t imitate a higher class, after all. Still, we’ve learned a few things from Mule la More. She’s a daughter of House La More, one of the three Knight-Duke houses. Similar to House Angel, her family are all apart of the unique Diabolos class. However, Mule isn’t as innocent as she appears. Unknown to everyone, she collected mana samples from each competitor. Moreover, one of the competitors was apart of the last Knight-Duke house. Mule’s fellow classmate and friend, Salacha Schicksal, is a daughter of House Schicksal. Her family holds the class of Dragoon. Lastly, this tournament has settled a matter among the daughters of House Angel. Even though she’s clearly no Paladin, Melida was able to best Elise. This was what Elise had hoped for, but it was done fairly. As such, they will now be able to pair together as equals in and out of class.

Before moving along, it should be noted that Assassin Pride is practically going off the rails at this point. The source content has been either cut, skipped, or butchered. I had hoped it was just the beginning that was moving fast, but this arc was done badly to say the least. Additionally, the art quality took a noticeable hit this episode. They even skipped the fight between Black Madia and Kufa. Furthermore, the fast pace made this tournament between schools fall flat. They hyped it up so much, then just crowned a winner like nothing. I’m not sure what the rush is, but it’s not doing this adaptation any favors. Anyhow, there’s a new teacher on the block. Enjoy building a new unit!





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How fast can we go? We’re starting a new arc next Monday!

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