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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Who will stand by her side?

A one week tournament between sister schools has begun. During this period the grounds surrounding St. Friedswiede were closed off from the outside, and the final match will be held inside a glass castle. Additionally, each school will be allowed to pick two leading cadets, though everyone knew who would be selected from St. Friedswiede. Their previous champions stood ready to compete once more, however things will be different this year. Not even the school staff saw it coming, but Elise and Melida have somehow been chosen to represent their school. Suspicions were quickly raised, although nothing could be done in the moment. The two Angels were simply asked to pick their two supporters for the final day. Only two brave souls stood by Melida’s side. One of the former champions, Shenfa Zwitoque, and Melida’s former bully, Nerva, have taken the risk. Nonetheless, someone has tampered with the selection. In order to calm Melida’s nerves, Kufa has baited out the most likely suspect. The individual that forced her name onto the visitors’ list, Elise’s head maid and biggest supporter, has been exposed. Believing this would be the best chance to settle the next heir of the Angel household, Othello risked it all. Regardless of Othello’s misdeeds, Melida has taken this opportunity to prove her worth. If she wins the tournament, Othello will no longer be able to deny Elise and Melida’s bond. They grew up together, drifted apart for a moment, but they now stand once more as sisters.

While the lights dimmed, two meeting were held that same night. The assassin sent to investigate Kufa, Black Madia, was able to successfully sneak in. Using her unique method of communication, Kufa was called out into the woods. Before heading out, he informed Rosetti of a brewing situation. Unfortunately, his meeting with Black Madia goes less than stellar. What she asked of would have exposed him, but also hurt Melida. Fortunately, Rosetti’s arrival along with school staff helped interrupt the battle between assassins. Black Madia can’t afford to be spotted here, after all. Still, she left with a few choice words. Special attention was given to Kufa’s relationship with Rosetti, and she’ll always be watching from the shadows. Moreover, Elise paid Melida a midnight visit. In order to fully mend their relationship, she plans to throw the tournament. She’s not doing this for Melida’s sake, she truly wishes to be by Melida’s side. Nevertheless, this isn’t how Melida wants to gain recognition. If she is ever to prove her name, then faking it won’t do.

Episode 4 wasn’t just about setting the stage. We’ve been sightly introduced to a few new characters. Two of the girls from St. d’Autriche Girls Academy should be remembered. Salacha Schicksal, is a first year and a cadet competing against the Angels. Then there’s Mule la Mor, a mysterious girl who suddenly cheers on Melida during her training break. Not much has been said about them, but we’ll get to know them soon enough. Anyhow, it’s going to be a long week. Enjoy the start of a new arc!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


It’s going to be one long week. We’ll be back with more action next time!

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