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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 106

by Yumiko

There’s two sides to every page.

While the Black Bulls secure a town from elf control, Patry has finally opened his eyes. No longer having anything to keep him back, he’s left behind William’s grimoire. However, that’s not the only thing he left on the ground. Among those he sacrificed, Rades couldn’t let go. Death by betrayal will not be his end. In act of desperation and anger, his magic has evolved to the next step. The ability to recall souls and fully revive the dead has been granted. Standing once more along with Sally and Valtos, Rades has sworn revenge. It doesn’t matter what he has to do, he will make Patry pay. Even if it means teaming up with former enemies, he’ll do it. Unfortunately, he approached the wrong squad of magic knights for his quest. The Black Bulls don’t mind working with him, though they’re not going for blood. If Rades wants to tag along to the capital, then he must atone for his past. Vengeance was only thing driving him forward, yet he had no choice once the Bulls convinced Sally and Valtos. He’ll behave, at least until Patry atones for his lies.

Joining forces with former foes isn’t a bad idea. They both stand to benefit from this temporary alliance. The Blacks Bulls won’t have to charge all the way to the capital with Sally and Valtos by their side. The base along with a house full of reinforcements will soon be dropping onto the capital. Moreover, this just about wraps up the action outside the capital. Everyone’s heading to the capital for the longest night of their lives. We’ve got plenty more fights to cover, so continue to look forward to it. Anyhow, was there anything else left behind? Enjoy another chance at life!





Click here for the 106th webm collection.


Enough with Asta and friends. All eyes are on the capital next time!

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