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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Let’s turn some heads!

Melida may have mana, but Kufa’s problems have merely begun. Their next step will be putting on a respectful performance at the up coming public school tournament. Nobles, guild recruiters, and Melida’s family will all be there. Still, they only had a week to prepare. In order to get the most out of Melida, Kufa has forbidden her from using mana outside of their private training. She’ll need the element of surprise and every last drop of mana to gain the edge. Everyday after school, they trained non-stop. Each instruction and move was instilled upon Melida’s body. However, Melida took things even further on her own. Practice never truly stopped for her. She only had one week to close years worth of gaps. No matter the pain, she planned to show the world she was an Angel. Unfortunately, her first round match was against her so called “friend”. Nerva had long grown tired of playing games with Melida, and planned to smash her to pieces. Fortunately, Kufa knew just the trick to fire up Melida. No one bad talks her prince. Nonetheless, words outside the ring are meaningless. It was upon the battlefield that Melida surprised everyone. Even Kufa’s expectations were far surpassed. It may have taken playing dirty, but she’ll never be bullied again after that performance.

There are a number of minor matters going on that should be kept in mind. First, let’s get to know a few side characters. Kufa wasn’t the only private tutor hired by the Angel’s. Melida’s cousin, Elise Angel, is being tutored by Rosetti Pricket. Unlike Kufa, Rose has a long list of remarkable achievements. She’s the youngest person to ever join Crest Legion, and she was given a special title by the king. Even without being a noble, Rose defied everyone’s expectations. As such, she made the perfect choice to help train Elise. Unlike Melida, Elise is a confirmed Angel and paladin. Although born into the branch family, her chances of becoming the next head are quite high. Moreover, Elise and Melida grew up together. It was only until recently things got rocky. Between being put out of the main house and her lack of mana, Melida could no longer face her cousin. During this tournament, that continued to be true. Melida’s next match was over in a mere 13 seconds. The power of a paladin truly can’t be matched. Furthermore, Kufa has confirmed that Melida will never be a paladin. Since she took a piece of Kufa’s mana, she is a samurai just like him. While this isn’t the end of the world, they’ve decided to keep it a secret for now. Until Melida can gain some notable achievements, it’s best this fact remains in the dark. Unfortunately, a few eyes already know Melida is no paladin. This includes the one individual that got away from Kufa. The group that killed his only lead into Melinoa’s affair is still lurking in the shadows. Their next target is Melida, and they’re already on the move. Lastly, Melida’s father was highly unimpressed by his daughter’s performance. If she truly wants to catch his favor, then she’ll have to gain more than a single victory. That will only be done be competing against other schools.

Episode 2 was once again packed to the brim. In fact, all the training was done off-screen. Not even the tournament was given a proper explanation. If you’re wondering what their objective was, it’s to either bring down one big candle or take out several smaller candles within a time limit. Regardless of the fast pace, it’s still going strong. We’ve only just seen a spark of Melida’s potential. She’s got plenty to prove, and Kufa has 3 years to keep up the current lie. Anyhow, ready for some action? Enjoy the tournament!




Episode 1:






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There’s trouble on the horizon. Melida stands alone next time!

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