Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 1

A hero’s job is thankless.

In the aftermath of defeating Quinella, Kirito has found himself in a bigger hole. A power surge from the other side has left him severely crippled. No longer able to move or speak, Alice has sworn to stay by his side. Without Eugeo and Kirito’s sacrifices, Quinella would of killed half of humanity. Unfortunately, no songs will be sung about their exploits. While the Integrity Knights have been fully informed of Quinella’s scheme, they still view Kirito as an enemy. Fortunately, there’s no time to deal out justice. Bercouli has taken the reigns, and instructed all efforts be poured into the coming war against the Dark Territory. If the Human Empire is to survive, then they will need more than just the Integrity Knights. Unfortunately, staying within the capital won’t be possible for Alice and Kirito. Animosity towards Quinella’s slayer only continued to grow each day. As such, they’ve fled north. Back to place where everything began, Alice is finally going back home.

Life in Rulid Village has hardly changed since Eugeo and Kirito’s departure. Even with the loss of Quinella’s control over the people, they refuse to accept Alice back in. She’s a criminal in their eyes, after all. Fortunately, not everyone saw her that way. Selka often sneaks out to visit her sister and Kirito. They’ve take up residences near the village, but relations between both sides haven’t improved. The few villagers that contact Alice for help only wish to use her. She remains an unsightly stain to many. Which has begun to beg the question. What did they even fight for? They saved all these people, yet they’re treated like dirt. As these days fly by, Alice begins to lose hope. Kirito has shown no signs of improving, and she doesn’t know what to do. However, Alice’s somber days were never meant to last. A surprise visit from her pupil was a nice change of pace, though they didn’t end on agreeable terms. Eldrie only wished to see Alice’s return to the capital, and the disposal of Kirito. Now, Eldrie didn’t fly all this way just to say hi. The forces from the Dark Territory have begun to move. His flight north was to confirm if their entry point was still blocked. Everything checked out, although that night proved otherwise. From out in the distant, Rulid Village had begun to burn. Alice’s days on the sidelines will soon be coming to an end.

A lot has happened since the loss of the Administrator, and there’s a lot more to come. We’ve only just broken the half way point. Sadly, we won’t be getting the full run in one sitting. It should be noted that cours 3 and 4 won’t air back to back. I’ll still be covering it all in good time, though. Additionally, moving forward focus is going to shift off of Kirito. As you’ll see, he’s in no condition to do anything right now. Alice and a few other characters will be taking the lead for a while. Lastly, what happened in the real world shall be revealed in time. Kirito is somewhat alive, so that’s a good sign at least. Anyhow, this a fight for survival. Enjoy the start of the war!




Episode 1:




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