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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

It’s in the bag!

The Kingdom of Science may have a guaranteed victory, but there can only be one at the end. Knowing Chrome’s pure love for Ruri, he was the obvious choice. Unfortunately, he won’t make it to the final round. His previous battle did a number on him, and he can rest easy knowing they’ve won. However, this means an outsider is the winner. Senkuu is the new chief and Ruri’s husband, though not for long. After announcing a divorce, he and his crew ran off with with the alcohol. Still, there’s not a moment to waste. Ruri has begun to take a turn for the worst. Before anything further could happen, the Kingdom of Science worked all night to complete the cure-all. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be long until they figured out Ruri’s illness. After giving her the cure-all, she began to show clear signs of having Pneumonia. Fortunately, Senkuu’s sulfa drug is one billion percent effective. At first it may have appeared otherwise, yet Ruri soon returned to her former self. She’s no longer on death’s doorstep.

Everything is looking great for the Kingdom of Science. Gen got the reward he longed for, Chrome saw his childhood love saved, and Senkuu was still rewarded the title of chief. He won’t be lacking man-power anymore. However, something unexpected happened. When Kohaku and Ruri’s father announced Senkuu as the new chief, the village name was revealed. Now, it should be remembered that Senkuu thought family names no longer mattered in the stone world. They were a relic of the past, after all. Unfortunately, he couldn’t of been more wrong. Ishigami Village and Senkuu Ishigami share more than just a name. Ruri has a tale to tell us, although we’ll have to wait. Anyhow, it only took them 6 months. Enjoy the ever growing Kingdom of Science!



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Before we can move forward, we must learn from the past. It’s story time next week!

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