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Yumiko Dream of the Age of Gods

by Yumiko

A new dream begins…

The number one requested show this fall has arrived. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though I won’t be able to give it the normal talk. As previously stated in the two year anniversary post, Yumiko is running on fumes. Additionally, this anime is really made for the fans of the game. We’re starting on the 7th chapter, so a lot of what’s going on is beyond me right now. Regardless, the media will be the same as always. If anyone familiar with the source material would like to write up these posts, then feel free to contact me. Otherwise, enjoy a moment in the Age of Gods!






Click here for the 1st webm collection.


This is going to be a long dream. Join us for the hopeful coverage each week!

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Custom (@guest_2717)
4 years ago

I know how you feel, Yumiko. I too am struggling to keep up with the fall anime while catching up on old anime like G Gundam. I was thinking about taking a break in the winter anime season next year because most of the fall anime like SAO Alicization War of Underworld will be 2-courses long which is around 24-26 episodes long. I don’t know how much I can handle after finishing up several anime like Dragon Ball Super in a row throughout the summer just passed since I lose track on things.

Yumiko (@guest_2716)
4 years ago

Thank you for the detailed explanation, Custom. I truly wish I could give this show the normal justice, but ones body can only take so much. I’m already struggling to get this season started. Nonetheless, here’s hoping to end off the year strong.

Custom (@guest_2715)
4 years ago

In case you’re wondering, this anime is based on the “Babylonia” chapter from the mobile game which is the Seventh Singularity of the first main story, taking place in 2655 B.C. It is the earliest age in which humanity parted away from the gods. The Three Goddess Alliance had threatened Uruk, the Babylonian city ruled by King Gilgamesh. Ritsuka and Mash were sent on an mission to fend off the invasion of mysterious beasts in Uruk under Gilgamesh’s orders while investigating the true nature of the three goddesss’ actions against humanity. But little did they know, an ancient entity is slowly rising from its slumber and Enkidu shown them the massive wall humanity had built to protect what is left of human civilization: the Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia.