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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

The search is on!

In order to find the white dragon, the trio must travel through Fire Tribe controlled land. Only then will they arrive at a village surrounded in mist. However, this isn’t going to be a short trip. As the days and nights fly by, Yona’s mind has become troubled. Her previous inability to save Hak or protect herself had begun to sink in. Will she always be doomed to rely on others for help? Fortunately, Hak has had a recent change of heart. While Yona’s father had strictly forbidden her from ever carrying a weapon, these are times of uncertainty. Hak will allow her to train with a bow as they travel, though training isn’t the only subject she must overcome. When one wields a weapon, they need to be prepared for the eventual outcome. Even in self-defense, taking a life is a possibility. Nonetheless, Yona worked tirelessly to perfect her aim. She may be no markswoman, but her shot improved along the way. Still, no amount of training can prepare one for the real deal. Taking Yona aside proved that she was ready, well if the right buttons are pushed.

It’s not all about bows and arrows. While Hak took Yona aside, Yun continued forward. Consequently, it would appear he’s been taken by the mist. Hak and Yona weren’t far behind, though Hak won’t be fooled. A group of archers surrounded them, yet they backed down once they found out who sent them. Not only that, they quickly recognized Yona’s hair. The current holder of the white dragon’s blood has long awaited this day. Anyhow, it won’t be long until we meet a new face. Enjoy picking up the arrows!





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Have they found one? Stick around for the eventual reveal!

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