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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

Never turn your back.

Magma may be down on his knees, but he’s not out yet. Knowing full well about Kinro’s dedication to rules, he tricked him into talking to the referee. Unfortunately, the match was never paused. A swift attack from behind has smashed the melon, and ended Kinro’s run in the Grand Bout. Magma’s scheming didn’t end there. The next match between Chrome and Mantle was fixed. In order to disqualify Kohaku, Chrome was given a free win. This in turn also allowed Senkuu to advance due to Kohaku’s tardiness. Still, Kohaku didn’t train just one brother. All future hope was placed upon Ginro to defeat Magma later on, although that was a far off dream after this first match. While he did win, his pregame hype got the better of him. Nonetheless, the Kingdom of Science didn’t come all this way to lose. Chrome’s semi-final match against Magma appeared to be an impossible feat, however he’s learned a lot from Senkuu-sensei. He’ll be taking down Magma in a fiery fashion, but he’ll need time. Fortunately, a familiar face arrived to lend a hand. Gen has returned for his cola, yet he can’t allow for the Kingdom of Science to fail here. Fooling around with Magma was child’s play for this mentalist, still the rest was left up to Chrome. Suika’s broken melon glasses, along with his own sweat and tears has created one of man’s greatest discoveries. A surface fire quickly consumed Magma’s clothing, though it also gave Chrome the prefect opportunity. Magma shall never lay a hand on Chrome’s childhood love.

A ring-out here means absolute victory for the Kingdom of Science. It may have taken getting beat to a bloody pulp, but it was well worth it. Saving Ruri is assured. Still, there’s two more matches to be held. Will Ginro be able to stand against Senkku, and how will they decide the final match? Regardless of the outcome, the Kingdom of Science has won. Anyhow, ready to buy some time? Enjoy the heart stopping sorcery!


OP: A little over the half way point, but here’s the new opening. Also, it’s another opening with a bunch of spoilers.


Episode 14:






Click here for the 14th webm collection.


There’s still a few battles left to go. Join us for the hopeful winner next time!

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