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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

Round one, fight!

The Kingdom of Science has gathered nearly everything they need for the cure-all. There’s still one more major ingredient required, but they won’t have to go far for it. As it turns out, the winner of the Grand Bout is given a vast supply of alcohol. Once that supply is secured, then Ruri will be in the clear. Fortunately, the Grand Bout has very few rules when it comes to participating. One only needs to be age 14 and single to enter. This means even a outsider may participate for Ruri’s hand in marriage. After 6 long months, Senkuu has finally been allowed into the village. However, his luck ended there. All hope of winning had been placed upon Kinro. Facing off against a weakened Magma in the final round was asking for too much. Instead, the best match will be held in the very first round. Unfortunately for the Kingdom of Science, their bad luck didn’t stop there. Mantle, one of Magma’s underlings, has stated a bold lie before Kohaku. Nonetheless, on the off chance he isn’t lying, Suiko’s life may be in trouble. While the first match began, their reset button was successfully pulled away. Still, it can’t all be bad luck. Before Kohaku could find Suiko, she was able to escape on her own. Her crucial timing couldn’t of been better, too. Once she saw how Kinro strained his eyes similar to her own, she knew he needed help. Even if he looks a tad foolish, there’s another melon-head in the village now. Finally on equal footing, the duel between Kinro and Magma will soon be drawing to a close.

Senkuu’s entrance to the village was a moment of excitement for many. Even the sickly Ruri rose for the occasion. However, her excitement was quite different from the others. After hearing just his first name, she felt as if she knew him somehow. It shouldn’t be possible, but knowing his last name would have confirmed her suspicions. Unfortunately, Ruri collapsed before she could finish her sentence. Winning the Grand Bout isn’t just about obtaining alcohol now. There’s a mystery to be solved and a confrontation with Ruri awaits. Anyhow, can Senkuu even fight? Enjoy the first of many bizarre rounds to come!





Click here for the 13th webm collection.


Round one isn’t over yet. Tune in for the results next Friday!

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