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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Ready for a bidding war?

Due to numerous setbacks, Lord El-Melloi II was able delay the auction by half a day. He’ll need all the time he can get, because this ride is almost over. Nonetheless, he’s personally requested Olga’s assistance. While she was reluctant to help after everything, she provided the piece he was looking for. The empty space where Trisha’s head was found also held a charm. A charm that would of protected her from Karabo’s Mystic Eyes under normal circumstances. While all the preparations to expose Adashino’s theory were put in place, the auction began. The big item on the menu was Karabo’s Mystic Eyes, though a few refused to back down. Even Lord El-Melloi II started bidding money he didn’t have. However, once they passed the 500 million mark, he halted the auction to contest Adashino. She knew full well about Trisha’s charm, and now so does everyone else. Still, Karabo was clearly the murderer behind Trisha’s’s death. To that Lord El-Melloi II has proposed a third party is involved in all this. Between Karabo’s distorted memories, the charm protecting Trisha, and the poor assumptions made in the past, things just weren’t adding up. Additionally, it is known that a mage with proper skills can maintain a human head. Chopping one’s head off doesn’t mean death. Unfortunately, before Lord El-Melloi II could expose the individual’s motive behind everything, a spell has been launched. From Adashino’s direction, Caules and Trisha’s head have found themselves surrounded.

It’s another cliffhanger for us, but we’re nearly there. There’s only one episode left in the Rail Zeppelin arc. Nevertheless, a few players are still moving in the background. Kairi was able to recruit Flat and Svin for a special mission. Even Luvia was promised an extra reward for her continued assistance. Speaking of assistance, Olga was able to help out with the Hephaestion problem. Lord El-Melloi II’s time beside the King of Conquerors may have been short, but he doesn’t remember seeing Hephaestion during his war days. After seeing Olga’s map of the world’s ley lines, it is now believed that she’s a fake. Anyhow, we’re only minutes away from closing this case. Enjoy the long awaited auction!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


The ride ends next time. So, be sure to join us for the final piece of the puzzle!

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