Tejina-senpai T.V. Media Review Episode 11

Does Senpai have a boyfriend?

Ma-kun has reported back some potentially disturbing news to Assistant-kun and Saki. He saw Senpai shopping with a strange older man. While everything was just pure speculation, it was time to investigate. Unfortunately, digging into Senpai’s affairs led them down one strange path. A path that only put Assistant-kun further and further on the edge. It eventually came to the point where he could no longer stand back and watch. Fortunately, the man with Senpai was just her brother-in-law. They were simply shopping for a birthday present for Senpai’s sister. There was nothing to worry about, or was there?

A bit light on the magic tricks this round, but we are coming towards the end. There’s only so much Senpai can do in 12 sessions. Still, she’s got a few more tricks left in the bag. She’ll be sending us off with a bang next week. Anyhow, ready to spy on Senpai? Enjoy eavesdropping with the club!





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Ready for one more day with Senpai? Join us for the final club meeting next time!

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