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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 100

by Yumiko

Everyone’s awake!

Asta has found himself in a difficult spot. Between defending Mimosa and trying to open his comrades eyes, he can’t move an inch. Unfortunately, these elves care little for Asta’s words. As their magic continued to close in on him, it appeared to be all over. However, Asta’s words did reach one soul. His rival may be hosting another soul, but Yuno is still in full control. Together they’ve put Hamon and Klaus out of commission. Now, while the duo stood stronger than ever, their battle awoke another elf. Floating before them the entire time was Licht, the leader of the elves. Witnessing two his comrades fall once again has stirred his heart. After picking up the sword placed before him, and taking one his former blades from Asta, a fight like no other began. Even with Asta claiming he would surpass his limits, there’s only so much one can do against overwhelming odds. Nonetheless, Licht has left him a parting gift. He may have taken one his swords, but he’s give him one back in exchange.

It’s a tad hard to believe I’ve reviewed a 100 episodes of Black Clover, but here we are. We’ve had numerous ups and down with this anime. It can shine when work is put into it, though those moments are rare. As such, I can say with a firm conviction, this was Black Clover’s greatest animation yet. I didn’t believe we would be seeing anything great till the end, but I’m glad to be proved wrong. This has made up for last week’s performance, and I eagerly anticipate to see what they’re willing to do later on. Moreover, special attention should be given to Asta’s third sword. While Licht did take his second blade, his newest one is a game changer for this arc. We’ll be seeing it in full action soon. Anyhow, Asta and Yuno’s finest moment is still a ways off. Enjoy the fight!





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They’ve fallen, yet this is not their end. We’re heading back home next time.

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