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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Who was Hirumi?

Before Esther’s arrival to Academy City, Hirumi and Mikihiko Hishigata had a simple dream. Their goal was to unlock level 6 for everyone. However, finding the perfect mind and body for their research didn’t come easily. The living just weren’t capable of handling the strain of these experiments. In order to remedy this issue, a necromancer was invited in. With Esther by their side, they believed progress was ensured. Still, that progress wasn’t fast enough for everyone. Unknown to Esther and Mikihiko, Hirumi was hiding her declining health. As her days grew shorter, she became close friends with Esther. A promise between these two was struck, though it was one sided. If Hirumi were ever in need of help, Esther would rush to her aid. Unfortunately, getting close to Esther had another purpose. She stole one of her Si-xiong charms. Taking this charm came with a high risk, but one that ultimately paid off. Upon Hirumi’s death, she was brought back. Her brother’s research could finally move on, yet there was one big problem. The soul within Hirumi’s body was no longer her own. The evil spirit, Taowu, had taken control. Free from the binds of the Rosenthal head, Taowu had big plans in store for the world. Fortunately, Esther will not allow that to happen. She still has a promise to keep, after all.

Episode 8 was largely anime original. Not only that, it changed a few events from the source material. The biggest of these being, Esther originally brought Hirumi back to life using her Taowu charm. However, here we have Hirumi stealing it, then somehow activating it upon her death. The results are still mostly the same, though this adaptation is starting to build up a list of changes. Moreover, Esther has made peace with the past. Moving forward, she plans to eliminate Taowu from Hirumi’s body. This can only be done by using her dagger, Emperor Shun’s Blade. Their promise shall soon be fulfilled. Anyhow, there’s no tears left to give out. Enjoy an original past!





Click here for the 8th webm collection.


The end game swiftly approaches. We’ve got a clone to save next time.

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