Sounan Desu ka? T.V. Media Review Episode 10

Not the bees!

Even with an improved roof, it doesn’t stop the honey bees from coming in. In fact, there seems to be a surplus of them lately. Fortunately, that’s not a bad thing. Since coming to the island, everyone has been lacking in carbohydrates. After tracking down the hive, Homare planned out everything. Still, someone has to get stung. Those bees aren’t giving away their honey for free, after all. Nonetheless, the bravery Homare displayed has inspired a unlikely candidate. The princess of the group, Shion, no longer wishes to be useless. The following day, she willingly volunteered to go fishing with Homare. Unfortunately, this is where the trouble began. While Homare dived down, Shion’s raft was swept away. Even after searching for her in every direction, she was no where to be found. Just where in the world has Shion drifted off to?

Shion is none the wiser about her current predicament. She’s still simply fishing, though she’ll soon notice something is off. In the meantime, Homare is about to go all out. If they don’t find Shion soon, then she may truly be lost. Moreover, a bat sighting caught Homare’s eye the day before Shion’s disappearance. Bats can’t simply be flying off into the ocean, so just where could they be going? Anyhow, ready for some honey? Enjoy the sugar rush!





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She’s still out there, right? We’ve got a princess to save next time.

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