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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Let there be light!

Senkuu’s plan was a success. A handful of villagers have eaten from his ramen stall. However, his food attracted someone he never expected to see. Tsukasa hasn’t wasted a moment reviving the youth. One of his agents, Gen Asagiri, came to confirm Senkuu’s death. Now, Senkuu isn’t one for blood. While they do hold Gen for questioning, he’s ultimately just put to work. That food didn’t come free, after all. Still, Gen has made his intentions clear with Senkuu. His mission was to report back his findings to Tsukasa, although circumstances have changed. Gen is a man that always plays for the winning side. As long as his hide stays safe, he’ll do their bidding. Nonetheless, Senkuu has shown him the difference between their camps. While Tsukasa lives a primitive life, Senkuu has advanced humanity to the iron age. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Senkuu has also lit up the sky. The first light in 3,700 years has signaled a turning point. The Kingdom of Science is on track for total victory.

Let’s get to know Gen a little more. He’s no personal acquaintance of Senkuu, though he’s familiar with his work. Gen is known as a magician or a fraud to some. However, he believes his proper title to be a Mentalist. In this stone age, his talents do prove to have some merit. While Senkuu’s crew was preparing a lightning rod, they were confronted by Magma and his men. Magma is a villager that doesn’t listen to reasoning, and has little time for outsiders. However, a simple magic trick turned him away for the day. Gen’s words may be light, but they are effective. Regardless, this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Magma’s gang. They’ll be a constant thorn in Senkuu’s side. Lastly, it should not be forgotten that Gen is a man that does whatever it takes to survive. He’s on everybody’s and nobodies side all at the same time. As such, he’s not to be trusted until further notice. Anyhow, the cure-all is still on target. Enjoy a spark of light in the darkness!





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