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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Time is ticking.

The fall of DA, the defeat of Scavenger, and all the riffraff left standing, doesn’t mean the action is over. Hishigata’s finest creations have stolen the spoils right before their eyes. Within his grasp is the memories of 10,031 deaths, though downloading all that information is going to take quite some time. Unfortunately, he’ll have to fend off the strongest to buy that time. Taking the Sister right before Accelerator has started a chase. A chase that played in Hishigata’s favor. All their smack talk is just delaying the inevitable. The download is nearly complete.

While the chase between Accelerator and Hishigata is on going, Esther was left behind. Keeping up with those two just isn’t possible. Still, she has taken matters into her own hands. She’s returned to the scene where everything began. If she had never came to Academy city, then none of this would of happened. Nevertheless, she refuses to let anyone else get hurt for her mistakes. The past will soon be revealed. Moreover, a number of actions and words should be given special attention. Hishigata wasn’t the one in control of this operation, it was his sister, Hirumi. However, this shouldn’t be possible according to Esther. The artificial souls he’s using are even difficult for a necromancer to control. Just who is this Hirumi, and how is she pulling off this feat? Lastly, Esther brought up a piece of the Rosenthal legacy. Her ancestor that created the artificial souls may seem minor in this plot, but he should not be forgotten. Anyhow, there are many holes left to be filled. Enjoy the chase!





Click here for the 7th webm collection.


Just keep stalling! Find out if they were in time next week.

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