Tejina-senpai T.V. Media Review Episode 9

It wouldn’t be summer without..

Senpai’s latest magic trick came with a cost. Though it led to a great event, teasing others about the summer heat isn’t nice. Everyone wants to visit the beach to cool off. However, not everyone is correctly equipped for the excursion. Going to the beach in school swimsuits just won’t do. Nonetheless, picking out swimsuits is never an easy task. There’s so many choice, but there can only be one. In order to find the perfect pick, Assistant-kun was placed in charge. Still, Senpai should remember when she’s in public. Playing magic tricks in a dressing room is a dangerous game.

Good news, everyone! The next episode appears to be a full beach episode. If you were looking for a purely fan service focused episode with Senpai, then it’s coming. Let’s just hope she got a swimsuit deserving of her body. Anyhow, Senpai has nothing to hide. Enjoy another botched magic trick!


Senpai, you’ve done it. Please note the green bra.

And we end with a pink bra. How does she do it?! A magician never reveals her secrets.




Click here for the 9th webm collection.


It’s all about that beach. Join us for the sunshine next week!

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