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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 98

by Yumiko

Wake up, sleeping lion!

Among those that got turned into elves, the vice-captain of the Crimson Lion King’s was one of them. His disdain for humans knows no limit, and those nearest to him have felt his wind. Unfortunately, this meant his own squad members have taken a beating. Even the young lion, Leopold, was unable to hold a candle up to his magic. However, when all hope appeared lost, two figures displaced from the battlefield made their return. Raining down from above, the spirit of fire, Salamander, has found himself a new partner. Fuegoleon’s long sleep is finally over. Standing as one with Salamander, Fuegoleon once more proved why so many follow him. These elves are now in for a blazing defeat.

Restraining Randall is only Fuegoleon’s first step. With Salamander by his side, he is able to see all the elves within the capital. There’s much work to be done, and not a minute to waste. Moreover, if you’re lost about the whole Salamander situation, then just remember Asta did a number on him during the battle with Fana. While it may of appeared Salamander was defeated, he was simply bidding his time to find a worthy partner. Lastly, Fuegoleon wasn’t the only patient to awaken during this episode. Yami’s taxi service, Finral, is needed at the forefront. His little brother, Langris, has been on the move. Anyhow, the elves are beginning to gather. Enjoy the reawakening of a proud lion!





Click here for the 98th webm collection.


How many swaps in focus will we get? Stay tuned for another one next Tuesday!

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