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Tejina-senpai T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

How much is Senpai worth?

While the street magic club is finally official, it can’t take off without proper funds. Now, the school does provide some money, though it might as well be peanuts. In order to get the cash flowing, the street magic club has headed to the park. Preforming for donations should get the club off the floor, but there’s one big problem. Senpai’s stage fright is still in full effect. She won’t be getting any money for failure. Still, the street performance side of the club knows how to put on a show. Fortunately, Senpai will take a page out of their book, yet the results were questionable at best. Someone is willing to pay Senpai ¥50,000, although it’s for a different type of “magic”.

There was more than just fun at the park during this episode. If you were interested in seeing our two leading ladies in their swimsuits, then look no further. Senpai will even be showing a little more than normal, too. Anyhow, it’s just one shameless act after the other. Enjoy attempting to cure Senpai’s stage fright yet again!





Click here for the 7th webm collection.


There’s no amount of money that can buy Senpai. Let’s keep it priceless here at, Anime Solution.

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