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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 96

by Yumiko

They’re back!

A promise has been fulfilled, though many have been fooled. Each human Patry convinced of his grand vision were nothing more than sacrifices. Associating with them was only a step to bringing back his true comrades, the elves. Unfortunately, bringing back their souls has forced a number of citizens to be hijacked. Whether one was fighting afar, living in the boonies, or high up in the capital, the elves have taken over some of the most powerful bodies in the kingdom. As such, many Magic Knights must now face a new reality before them. Those standing before them are no longer the people they use to know. Individuals that have been taken over only have one goal ahead of them. All humans shall be a victim of their revenge.

Episode 96 displayed only a handful of people who have been turned. There’s quite a few elves running around causing havoc. Now, it should be noted that not every fight is going to be shown. This is a war raging all across the kingdom, after all. Nonetheless, today’s episode showed even those closest to the top can be turned into elves. Marx, Owen, and even Charlotte have become elves. However, in the wake of their destruction, Yami has swung back. He understands fully what is going on, nevertheless, he can not allow them to massacre the capital. Knocking Marx and Owen unconscious was easily done, but Charlotte has required him to go all out. The results of their tango has yet to be decided, though. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that Yami is keeping Julius’s body safe at all costs. This is more than just out of respect, although nothing more can be said about that for now. Anyhow, the focus shifts back to the Royal Knights next time. Enjoy just a taste of revenge!






Click here for the 96th webm collection.


Just how many elves are out there? The full extent of the damage has only just begun.

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