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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko

Let’s dance!

Tanjirou remains whole, though the same can not be said for his blade. Another assault of Rui’s webs will be game over, yet Tanjirou never fought alone. When the next attack came in, Nezuko took the blow. Witnessing such a sight came as a shock to Rui. Even though they were demon and human, a genuine family bond stood before him. The family he had forcefully built around him was nothing compared to this. That bond was what he desired, and he’ll make a deal for it. If Nezuko is handed over to him, he’ll allow Tanjirou to leave with his life. Fortunately, Tanjirou will never allow for such a thing to happen. He’s sworn to kill Rui before Nezuko goes anywhere. Such a challenge is welcomed by Rui, though he has a surprise for Tanjirou. As Rui reveals that he’s Lower Moon Five, he pulls Nezuko to his side. Nezuko slashes Rui’s face, although she is quickly punished for it. Strung up before Tanjirou, she is bled out until the point of unconsciousness. Now, doing such a thing before Tanjirou meant it was time to go all out. The final Breath of Water form taught to him had been unleashed. Even with a broken blade in hand, Rui’s webs began to snap. Still, Rui had yet to take this fight seriously. As Tanjirou began to face certain death, a flood of memories came pouring in. Among them was a memory he would never forget from his father. For as long as Tanjirou knew his father, he had been a frail man. Yet, each year he could preform a dance that shouldn’t of been possible for his body. His performance of the Dance of the Fire God was only possible through a truly unique breathing technique. He could not offer his son much, but his technique along with his earrings was what he desired to pass on. However, even with remembering the Dancing of the Fire God, Tanjirou would be sliced to bits as he reached Rui’s neck. Nezuko’s time to shine had finally come. Her blood that poured down Rui’s webs was ignited using her Demon Art. A clear path was given to Tanjirou, and with it he has taken Rui’s head.

While the mainstay is the battle between the siblings and Rui, there were a few other matters going on. First, all the Demon Slayers infected have been rescued. Zenitsu is saved, though he’ll have a long road to recovery. Moreover, Giyuu’s summon to this mission was to fight a member of the Twelve Kizuki. Taking out Father was just a mere warm up. He’s pushed on while leaving Inosuke behind to recover. Lastly, Rui’s sister was punished during his mental break down. After realizing his family was a fraud, he disciplined her, though she was offered a chance to make it up. She’s now been assigned to clean up duty, yet these woods are no longer safe for demons.

We have 7 more episodes to go, but I would temper expectations moving forward. Episode 19 was the climax for action. Additionally, it can’t go without saying, Ufotable has once again animated a top notch piece. If you were looking for the fire, then Ufotable has brought it. Anyhow, ready to experience the original? Enjoy the Dance of the Fire God!



ED: In order to set the mood, we’ve been given a new ending.




Click here for the 19th webm collection.


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Yumiko (@guest_2827)
4 years ago

Thanks for informing me of this. I’ve tested this, though I’d have to find a way to make it more time efficient. I’m already stressed for time, so adding a new step in the process isn’t quite viable right now. I do understand for the desire for PNG images, though. On my side I purely work in PNG, but for the website it’s nearly all JPG.

Yumiko (@guest_2826)
4 years ago

I completely agree. They will have one more flashy scene for us, too. Look forward to the next review.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2825)
4 years ago

Beautiful!! Simply beautiful!! A great animation from a great studio!

Boner ReachSky
Boner ReachSky (@guest_2824)
4 years ago

Nice review!! It was really an enjoyable episode. (^_^)/Btw, speaking about the page loading issue, someone asked me to inform you that you should take a note about this in hopes that you could make better quality media with png on this site: https://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://fapservice.com/miru…Hopefully it helps. Please keep up with the good work !!