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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Wake up, Senkuu!

Taiju’s lave arrival will not be in vain. The work the trio put in as a team has been repurposed, though. Tsukasa has been given a taste of their gunpowder, but only as a distraction. While the flames held him back, Taiju and Yuzuriha ran off with Senkuu’s body. Believing there’s no possible way Senkuu could have been killed, Taiju holds on to a glimmer of hope. However, once Yuzuriha explained what went down, he knew something was up. Senkuu would never willingly sacrifice himself. As a man of science, he always found a way for everyone to prevail. Their friendship taught him at least that, still Senkuu would have left a clue behind. Thinking back, Taiju has noticed a difference in Senkuu’s behavior. He never use to have a habit of cracking his neck. A quick inspection of that spot revealed just what they needed. The glimmer of hope they clung on to was the source that imprisoned them all.

Tsukasa’s supposed instant fatal blow went all according to Senkuu’s plan. Similar to Yuzuriha, Senkuu had a piece of stone that didn’t break on the back of his neck. Once some of that miracle water is applied, he should in theory be saved. However, while he was out cold, Senkuu dreamed of his introduction to the stone world. Being the first freed person from the old world wasn’t a easy experience. Living in year 1 of the stone world was a difficult time, although one Senkuu tackled on with humanities greatest asset, the brain. Life in the stone age will be a thing of the past with Senkuu, though that’s if he opens his eyes. Anyhow, the waiting game continues. Enjoy seeing humanities first steps to recovery!





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Will the man of science rise again? Stay tuned for the second coming!

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