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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

Once bitten, twice shy.

The moonlight will only be focusing upon Zenitsu this time. His trek up Mount Natagumo started as an uneventful one, though that all changed when he received a spider bite. Now, this isn’t a ordinary spider bite. A demon’s venom runs through his veins, and the source of that venom has informed him of everything. There’s no escaping the excruciating pain and the transformation he will be going through. Examples of what he will become are all around him, yet Zenitsu isn’t too keen on joining them. Fearing for the worst, he’ll do what he does best. However, cowering and hoping for the best won’t save him. The venom has already started to kick in, but what truly pushed him over the edge was his hair falling out. Unable to handle the situation any further, Zenitsu lost consciousness. In most cases this would spell the end, although in his case this is where the fight begins. A death as fast as lightning has been granted to the demon before Zenitsu.

While Zenitsu was trembling in fear, a number of flashbacks were told throughout this episode. We’ve already been given a taste of Zenitsu’s background, but this time it goes in-depth. Prior to his training under his Sensei, Zenitsu was used by woman after woman. Eventually he found himself in a debt he could not repay. His troubles looked to be endless, yet an eye for talent found him. In exchange for his debt, Zenitsu would be trained to becoming a Demon Slayer. Training was something Zenitsu believed he could never endure. Everyday he ran from his Sensei, then he would be dragged right back to it. He was fully aware of his uselessness, still his Sensei ensured him that he had a talent. Even if he only mastered a single form, his Sensei believed in him. Moreover, Zenitsu wasn’t the only student his Sensei watched over. His other pupil showed no respect for Zenitsu what so ever. Being trained by a former Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps is a rare opportunity, and he strongly believes it is wasted upon Zenitsu. Nonetheless, Zenitsu’s sensei would hammer away at him until he knocked out each imperfection. He may only come out knowing one form, though that single form was perfected.

Zenitsu’s past should be kept in mind. It won’t become relevant again this season, but later on it will have significance. There’s a reason they didn’t show the face of the other student. Furthermore, while Zenitsu clings onto life, Inosuke and Tanjirou have found their next opponent. They ran into the daughter of the spider family, though she yelled for her Father to come. A battle that would break any average Demon Slayer shall soon begin. Anyhow, two family members are no longer with us. Enjoy the one-trick pony!



Demon Slayer Academy:




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Zenitsu may be out cold, but there’s a few more battles to go. The climax upon Mount Natagumo will soon be upon us.

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