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Tejina-senpai T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko


There’s no such thing as a club just for two. If the magic club wants to be official, then it will need at least 4 members. However, that’s easier said than done. Until then, Assistant-kun must go back on the hunt for a club. He’ll have one week to do so, but Senpai isn’t going to make it easy on him. She’s not letting go of her only potential recruit without a fight. Still, she was only fighting the inevitable. At the end of the week, Assistant-kun was able to pull through with a deal. He’s joined the club next door just in name. Which means he’ll continue his blessed freshmen days with Senpai until she graduates. Magic isn’t fun when you’re alone, after all.

In the end, Assistant-kun got the sweet deal he was looking for. He’s found a club that will let him do as he pleases, though he’ll always have to deal with Senpai. She’s not too bad, right? Moreover, episode 4 gave some minor focus to the chemistry club president. She leads the club next door, and we’ll be seeing her around. Rumor has it that she’s against all shameless activity. Anyhow, ready to hear your fortune? Enjoy your permanent stay in the magic club!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


We’re still not official, but maybe one day. Until then join us each week for more magic with Senpai!

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Yumiko (@guest_2874)
4 years ago

Just another sword rising to the occasion, hehe.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2873)
4 years ago

Something big is coming!!

Yumiko (@guest_2872)
4 years ago

Senpai’s luck will turn around eventually. We’ve just gotta meet a few more characters later on.

Adam Kohut
Adam Kohut (@guest_2871)
4 years ago

Kind of felt bad for sempai here, with the club being canceled and all that haha. But that new girl looks adorable, I like her already.