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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 93

by Yumiko

What does it mean to be a Magic Knight?

When Julius Novachrono first entered the Order of the Magic Knights, he often questioned his duty. Their role was to protect the Clover Kingdom, yet those around him only acted in self-interest. His fellow knights seemed to exclusively care about lining their own pockets or chasing glory. The people and especially the poor were never considered in their equations. While searching for that answer, Julius eventually had a run in with Zara Ideale. Zara was the fist peasant to become a Magic Knight, and he was unlike anything Julius had seen before. He was a Magic Knight that fought for the people. The high-spirited and compassionate knight he met on that day would forever stick in his memory. Unfortunately, what Zara stood for wasn’t shared by his peers. Zara’s undoing would be at the hands of his own comrades, though what he stood for would not die. When Julius found out about everything surrounding Zara’s death, he had the answer he was searching for. A core change was needed within the Clover Kingdom. He would show his country what it truly meant to be a Magic Knight in Zara’s honor. Through countless merits demonstrated to the people, Julius rose to the top. It is this system that Julius lived his life by, and gave his life up for. His final merit to the people was protecting them all, as a Magic Knight should.

Episode 93 presents the rare shonen death. The final roadblock to the Eye of Midnight Sun’s plan has been defeated. Within Licht’s grasp are the 2 magic stones to change the course of history. However, Licht’s battle was seen by the whole country. Yami was first on scene, though he was a moment too late. Still, he isn’t going to let Licht walk away freely. Killing the one man that respected him even though he was different crossed a dangerous threshold. It doesn’t matter who’s in control of Vangeance’s body, there’s blood to be paid. Anyhow, there’s never enough time. Enjoy the final moments of Julius Novachrono.





Click here for the 93rd webm collection.


His merits will not be forgotten. A new futures awaits us all.

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