Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 1

They’ve taken the bait!

Another day in the dungeon, another successful clear of the middle floors. Bell and friends have proved their worth today. In celebration of Welf’s level up, they’ve gone out for a feast. However, the mood is suddenly ruined by a member of the Apollo Familia. He’s publicly gone out of his way to tarnish Bell’s upcoming name. Bell was able to take his words, but what his group couldn’t take was insulting Hestia. A brawl between both groups soon began, but when the captain of the Apollo Familia stepped in, it was all over. Hyakinthos instantly knocked Bell down a peg, although he was quick to leave after inciting Bete. Both sides left equally bloody, yet it didn’t end there. The following day Bell received an invitation from the Apollo Familia. Apollo is hosting a Banquet of the Gods, though with a slight twist. Each God or Goddess must bring along their favorite child. Ignoring the invitation would be impossible, as such Hestia has taken Bell along with her. Now, surprisingly the night went swimmingly. Surrounded by familiar faces and friends, everyone had a great time to remember. Unfortunately, that fun would soon be broken by Apollo’s announcement. The Apollo Familia has once again called out the Hestia Familia. This time they are looking for guilt of their recent “wrongdoings”. Hestia refuses to give an inch on the matter, so in turn Apollo issues a challenge. A war games with a wager between both families is to be held. If the Hestia Familia loses, then they will relinquish Bell to Apollo.

It’s been 4 long years, but it feels like the show never quite left after experiencing this episode. Everyone picked up right where things left off seamlessly. Additionally, each character is the same as always. Hestia continues to bounce about jealously, Bell is head over heels for Ais, and everyone else just wants a piece of him. Speaking of Ais, there’s a touching romantic moment during this episode. Making good on his image, Hermes plays the ultimate wing-man for Bell at the banquet. An unforgettable dance between Ais and Bell has been witnessed by everyone. Anyhow, the setup for season 2 has been established. Enjoy the alternative motives!




Episode 1:




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