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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Do you want to live forever?

In order to help repay the large debt associated with the Lord El-Melloi title, Waver has taken on a case for the Fargo family. One of his former students, Mary Fargo, had her father dismembered in their own home. A handful of other mages have taken a look at the case, but none were able to uncover a single clue. As such, the Lord of Modern Magecraft Theories has been personally requested. The circumstances surrounding Ernest Fargo’s death were not done by tradition means. Additionally, the barrier protecting their home was never broken. This mean the murder was an inside job. Furthermore, arriving on scene with Gray in tow would be enough for this job. Everyone within the Fargo household was a potential suspect, and getting to know them all turned up a great deal of dirt. They each had something to gain from Ernest’s death. However, the most suspicious person among the lot was Ernest himself. Like all mages, he dreamed of one day finding the Root. An impossible dream for a single lifetime, yet what if he could have more? His dismemberment and the strategic placement of his body parts were not done at random. He’s gone against his family’s own established roots to create an experimental spell. Unfortunately, playing with experimental magic is never quite simple. Ernest required additional lives to sustain himself, although he won’t get more than one. After a 2nd suspicious death in the mansion, Waver had all the clues he needed. Lord El-Melloi II’s assistant, Gray, will deal with reaping the undead.

Our first case is an original one. What Ernest Fargo was attempting to do here wasn’t very original, though. This plot has actually been attempted by several other mages in the Fate universe. Which kinda makes this whole case very obvious from the get go. Nonetheless, this was more of a first showing of Waver’s detective abilities and Gray’s combat capabilities. We’ve gotta build somewhat of a base here before hitting the heavy stuff. Anyhow, are you prepared to abandon your beliefs? Enjoy chasing the impossible dream!


OP: This was a rather rare opening. Not a single word was said.


Episode 2:






Click here for the 2nd webm collection.


One case down, many more to go. Join us for another one next week!

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