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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 91

by Yumiko


The focus has finally shifted back to the Royal Knights. Within the enemy stronghold, they’ve taken down nearly all the small fries. However, for each person they take down, they only have one thing to say. Their rebirth will soon be at hand. Still, among all the defenders, there’s one person that should be feared. The last standing Third Eye, Rhya the Disloyal, will ensure that his kin never fall again. Unfortunately, he’s picked an opponent that far surpasses his expectations for a human. No matter how many spells he throws, Mereoleona is always ready for the next one. Even with his third eye awakened, Rhya can hardly believe his eyes. From every angle he is assaulted by flames without respite.

There’s a reason she’s known as the Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness. Mereoleona truly is unmatched when it comes to a brutal assault. Asta nor Zora have had to lift a finger during all this, though that might soon change. When a Third Eye gets desperate, they quickly get unpredictable. Moreover, the show has dropped a large amount of hints to what’s coming. At this point it’s very obvious, although I won’t spell it out just yet. Just know that the biggest betrayal is right around the corner. Anyhow, a cheap imitation shall never match up to the original. Enjoy a feast of flames!





Click here for the 91st webm collection.


We’re swapping locations again! Betrayal has shown its face.

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