Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 13

All moons must wane.

Kyogai can beat his drum as much as he likes. It will do little to deter Tanjirou’s advance. He’s got the beat down, the self-confidence to push him up, and a breathing technique to numb the pain. Still, he’ll need one more ingredient to take down this demon. A moment of hesitation is all that’s left, and it will be won by recognition. The one thing Kyogai has always sought after will be gifted by Tanjirou. However, in exchange for such a gift, Kyogai’s head shall go flying. Unfortunately, Tanjirou’s battle isn’t quite over yet. An unbelievable sight awaited him outside. The single person he treasures above everything has been placed in danger.

While Tanjirou was taking down Kyogai, the other 2 demon slayers made there way outside. Zenitsu was first to arrive, though once our boar-headed friend got out things quickly got heated. Sensing another demon nearby, he headed for the box always by Tanjirou’s side. However, Zenitsu won’t allow him to lay a finger on the box. They both know what’s inside, but Zenitsu got to know Tanjirou during their short travel together. Between learning how kind he is and how much he treasures the individual inside the box, he will not allow anyone to interfere before Tanjirou gives a proper explanation. Unfortunately, his fellow demon slayer isn’t buying into it for a moment. All demons are the enemy, and there are no exceptions to this rule. If he must skewer Zenitsu along with the box, then he will do it. Fortunately, before the worst could happen, Tanjirou has made it outside. A horrific sight appeared before him, although he won’t hesitate for long. No will ever hurt his family again. Anyhow, it’s a cliffhanger for us again. Enjoy taking a beating for Nezuko!





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There’s only one way to clear up this misunderstanding. A short battle awaits us next week!

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