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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Would you date a clock?

The world around Shido just never seems to settle down. Two new females have suddenly entered into his life. Among the pair, Kurumi Tokisaki is the first to appear before his eyes. She strolls in as a simple transfer student, however everything after that is a series of bold moves. Kurumi has let everyone know she’s a Spirit. Making such an announcement came as a shock to many, though it only meant one thing to Shido. It’s time to put his training to use once more. Fortunately, he won’t have to go out of his way to start bonding with Kurumi. She’ll be taking the lead on this one. She’s eager to spend as much alone time with Shido as possible. Unfortunately, finding the perfect moment to be alone with him proved impossible, well at least for today. Shido’s other harem members are never far behind. Moreover, the trip home has reintroduced Shido to a familiar face. His blood related little sister, Mana, has returned. She’s overjoyed to see her brother again, yet when questions began to be asked the problems arose. While she can provide some proof of their sibling relationship, she can not go further beyond that. Mana shares the same gap in memory that Kotori and Shido have. Additionally, Mana lives a life that she would rather not have her brother mixed up in. A life where hunting and killing Spirits is not one she wishes to share.

So, where in the world did these two come from? Shido’s power to seal Spirits has been noticed by an individual hunting for the truth. Kurumi has major plans in motion, and with Shido’s power they just may become reality. Her sudden arrival is for one reason alone. She’s wish to become one with Shido. Furthermore, Kurumi’s activities have been known for quite some time. According to reports, Kurumi has killed more than 10,000 people. In order to counteract her destruction, Mana has been heavily invested into. Her transfer to the AST shouldn’t come as a surprise when Kurumi showed up. Still, taking down Kurumi has proved fruitless. No matter how many times Mana slices her to pieces, she’ll always come back. The Spirit of Time has only just began her nightmare. Regardless of all this, Shido has already seen a piece of the truth behind Kurumi and Mana. One of their deadly encounters has been shown to him, although his mission does not change. An official date with Kurumi is on the horizon. Anyhow, who will consume who first? Enjoy the introduction of the best Spirit!





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The dates are on there way. Find out how one boy can juggle 3 beauties next time!

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