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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 88

by Yumiko

Trouble has come knocking.

Hidden within the zone that borders the four kingdoms, the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s fortress floats within the mist. It is here where they’ve plotted their take down of the Clover Kingdom in relative peace, but those days are over. The Royal Knights have divided into 5 teams with a single simple goal. Take down anyone that stands in their way. However, for a few individuals on both sides this fight means much more. Throughout this whole conflict each side has suffered heavy losses, and some of these have been taken personal. No matter what comes their way, they won’t rest easy until their personal vengeance has been fulfilled.

Episode 88 only covers 1 chapter of cannon content. As such, the entire first half is anime original. It’s another filler that fits in well, but it’s getting a bit taxing now. There’s only so much filler one can do before things get bogged down. I’ve said it several times before, but one of Black Clover’s strengths is suppose to be its fast pace. This is something that was never done with the anime, though. Moreover, if you’re looking for a hint of what’s to come, then significant attention should be given to the first enemy that went down. Apparently, even though he’s a former citizen of the Clover Kingdom, he’s a special case. Licht has told him his true name, although we’ll have to wait to see what that truly means. Anyhow, the final eye has opened. Enjoy breaking down the front door!


They’ve finally done it! Food in anime that doesn’t look appetizing.




Click here for the 88th webm collection.


Outside the raid, there’s a few other battles to be seen. Check out the first of them next week!

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