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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 87

by Yumiko

Was it a dream or something more?

While the Royal Knights assemble, Raia dreams of a distant memory. Surrounded by familiar faces and voices, he is completely at ease. However, among his people there is one exception. Sitting right beside Licht is his human wife, Tetia. Their union and child was to be the future. A future where elves and humans could stand as equals. Unfortunately, this future would never come to pass. As we’ve seen many times before, their fate was suddenly ended by humans. Still, this memory was enough to bring tears to Raia’s eyes. There truly was a time when hate did not fill his people or his own heart. Regardless of the past, Raia knows the end game is soon approaching. Those blessed by mana will see the sun again.

So, who made it into the Royal Knights? Among the Black Bulls 4 members made it. Asta, Noelle, and Luck are in, though there’s one more. We’ve only met him recently, but he’s been a member all this time. Zora Ideale had a run in with Yami a while back. Their confrontation wasn’t on the friendliest of terms, still Yami was able to recognize what Zora was doing. He was gifted a robe out of the blue, but he’s never displayed it till now. Furthermore, all the usual suspects made it into the Royal Knights as well. Mereoleona will be leading them, although there were some minor additions. Most notably, Noelle’s older brother, Nozel, will be helping out in this operation. He’s got a bone to pick with these terrorist for taking his rival away. Anyhow, everyone is all suited up and ready to go. Enjoy the prelude to the assault on the floating dungeon!



Petit Clover:




Click here for the 87th webm collection.


The infiltration begins next time. It’s an all out war from here!

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