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Fate/Apocrypha Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

One sword against them all.

Saber of Red is willing to take on anyone after arriving late. A mount-less Rider, a puny Berserker, and a wimpy homunculus, their all small fries. However, some don’t know when to stay down. When it appeared Berserker of Black was down for the count, Sieg charged in. His valiant effort saw him pierced through, though it gave Berserker of Black an opportunity to pin down Saber of Red. There’s no chance of taking down Saber of Red by conventional means, thus her forbidden ability must come into play. Blasted Tree will be the end for Berserker of Black, still it should be the same for her opponent. Unfortunately, taking down this Saber requires a lot more than anyone realized. Frankenstein’s death at first glance looked to be in vain, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of her lightning was able to reach Sieg. The shock brought him back to life, although that’s not the only thing being brought back. A visage thought gone from this war has returned. Saber of Black’s heart still beats strong. Finally, a worthy sword has approached the king on the field.

The clash between the strongest and the faker will be decided next time. Still, it should be noted that Sieg’s transformation doesn’t come out of nowhere. He was given the heart of a Heroic Spirit, and this isn’t any ordinary heart. Siegfried’s dragon blood now runs through Sieg. However, taking up Siegfried’s sword will come at a cost. A cost that will soon come knocking, though he’s willing to take it on to help those around him. Moreover, we’re in store for a shift in the war. Episode 11 shall contain more than just action. There’s a power play on the horizon. Anyhow, not everyone on this battlefield has a wish. Enjoy the first casualty of war!


Turns out, the blu-ray made a change to this panning shot. In order to make this stitch a combination of images from the T.V. release was used.




Click here for the 10th webm collection.


What are you willing to do to win? The price of victory shall be revealed next week.

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