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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Can these saucy situations go sour?

Hikari has found herself stuck between the floor boards. Until help arrives, Taka will stay by her side. However, what happens if he falls below? Well, he’s in for an eyeful, but the real trouble begins when Hikari needs to relieve herself. Taka is willing to assist, though Hikari doesn’t wish to soil her own panties. This means Taka will get to see everything, yet at what cost? After that event he was quick to leave the scene. This in turn left Hikari feeling rejected. Unable to reach out to Taka, Hikari won’t allow any other couple on campus to feel happiness. Unfortunately, her bid to tear people apart only pushed them further together. Everyone is chasing after the bear that promises true love. Although, Taka knows what’s truly going on. After tracking down Hikari, he’s found himself in another position that shouldn’t be possible. Fortunately, their close time together will help mend the recent wound in Hikari’s heart. Taka is only for her and her alone.

Hikari wasn’t the only one to confess within this episode. During the whole bear chase, Mayu joined in on the action. Her love for Rin has been obvious for a while now, although she could never say it out load. That all changed when she accidentally bumped into the “bear” and spilled everything. However, that was no bear. Rin has heard Mayu’s confession loud and clear. He’s accepted her feelings and is willing to marry her in due time. This all moved a bit too fast for Mayu, but she’ll be one happy camper once she regains focus. Moreover, another teacher has been watching things unfold from the sidelines. It’s been an interesting show, so maybe she’ll join in on the fun too. Anyhow, that’s 3 confirmed couples. Enjoy the confessions of love!





Click here for the 9th webm collection.


Is it time for the last teacher to get her spotlight? Stay tuned for more forbidden romance!

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