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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Is it time to call it quits?

Nobunaga has become filled with guilt. As atonement for inflicting Biwajima and Yuri, he’s willing to give up his teaching life. He’ll move far away so they no longer feel a desire for his touch. However, such news isn’t welcomed by Biwajima. She does not wish to see her first love run away. In front of everyone, Biwajima will take a stand to keep Nobunaga from leaving. In response, Yuri has forgiven Nobunaga, well as long as he never touches her again. Still, everyone would now like to know why Biwajima would go to such lengths. Her love for him couldn’t be a recent development. Turns out, Biwajima has been keeping a secret even from her best friend. She’s an artist who loves drawing boys together, though she was caught one day by Nobunaga. She thought it was all over at that moment, but Nobunaga was very supportive of her drawings. Ever since then, Biwajima began to develop feelings for him.

Biwajima’s confession had another meaning other than letting everyone know. For quite some time now, Kichou has been struggling to find out what love is. She has accepted that the man she was to marry is long gone, but does the one before her stand as a equal replacement? Let’s hope she can figure that one out in 3 more episodes. Moreover, it looks like another character is about to enter into Nobunaga’s life. Nothing about this character has been revealed yet, though they will be showing themselves real soon. Anyhow, Nobunaga isn’t going anywhere without his harem. Enjoy another day of excitement at school!





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There’s a new player on the block! Learn who that smile is next Sunday.

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