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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Summer break is finally here!

Nakano has been granted a single day off work. It’s not much, but he’ll take it. Additionally, Shiro has heard the good news. A day off means there’s not a moment to waste. She’s invited everyone to a private beach between their worlds. Fun times await Nakano and the crew, though as the day winds down, he can only think about tomorrow. This day was such a treasure, he wishes for it to never end. Still, the fun times can’t last forever. Senko will put his mind at ease for the meantime, yet this is something Nakano must soon realize.

Today’s episode was all about fun on the beach. If you’ve seen a few beach episodes, then you know what activities to expect. Moreover, while searching for food, Nakano had a run in with a “ghostly” figure. She offered him everything his party needed, however she disappeared the moment he looked away. This being a private beach, there’s only one factual explanation behind a sudden appearance. Another fox has been looking over Nakano. Anyhow, the good times haven’t flickered out yet. Enjoy the beach trip with 3 beauties!



Super Senko-san Time:




Click here for the 8th webm collection.


We’ve got one more character to formally meet. Check out the last fox next week!

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Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3039)
5 years ago

Purification Complete!!