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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 85

by Yumiko

Just caught in a daze.

Asta isn’t feeling quite up to par after the tournament. The realization that he’s been surpassed by his rival just doesn’t settle in well. Still, those around him will reassure him. That tournament was never about winning, and his chances of becoming a royal knight are high. Nonetheless, Yami has got a story to tell. While everyone waits for the results, we’re swept off to the bath. During the bath, Yami tells of a time where he was contracted to protect a village from bandits. Picking them off was simple, but grouped up they provided somewhat of a challenge. When things began to get dicey, a surprise squad member came to his aid. This story was how Yami met William Vangeance, and the start of their friendly rivalry.

The majority of this episode is anime original. As such, it’s not going to be a pretty episode. Now, the story told here does fit in quite well for being original. Yami had to meet Vangeance at some point during his younger years. A coincidental run in works well enough to start their paths crossing. Moreover, I suspect the reason we’re getting original content is because we’re catching up with the source material. Once we start the next arc, well that’s pretty much it. The truth is nearly here. Anyhow, it’s time to pace ourselves. Enjoy a relaxing bath and story!


I see some people forget their grimoires at home.




Click here for the 85th webm collection.


I hope you’re ready for more story time with Yami. Join us for another original next Tuesday!

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