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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

To the ends of the Earth!

Muzan’s distraction has worked, though before he got away Tanjirou had a few choice words for him. No matter where he runs to, his days are numbered. Still, there’s a more pressing issue at hand. Tanjirou must find a way to suppress the pedestrian turned into a demon. He does not wish to see an innocent die for this, and he will get his wish. Unknown to even Muzan, there was 2 other demons standing in the crowd. After witnessing Tanjirou’s behavior towards demons, they’ve decided to help him out. It’s not everyday one see a demon slayer trying to save a demons life.

Just who are these two strange demons? After securing the scene and picking up Nezuko, Tanjirou was invited to Tamayo’s hidden home. It’s here where Tamayo and her assistance, Yushiro, practice medicine. However, their practice of medicine is a bit unique. Throughout Tamayo’s countless years, she was able to conquer a number of feats. Some of these include breaking Muzan’s curse, altering a demon’s body for human blood, and being able to create her own demons. Now, Tamayo isn’t creating other demons for a army. She only offers it as choice for those without any hope left. Additionally, her and those under her only require a small amount of blood to live. This is easily acquired through her business. Furthermore, learning all this has filled Tanjirou with hope, but the ultimate question still remains. Can a human transformed into a demon be turned back? According to Tamayo it is possible, however she’ going to need a lot of blood samples. The blood of those closest to Muzen will help unlock a cure for Nezuko and many more.

What an unsightly sight! Muzan may have played it cool on the streets, but after dropping the family off he was ready for blood. Those earrings on Tanjirou reminded him of a memory best forgotten. Unfortunately for him, it would appear that a new generation just may pose a threat. Before things spiraled any further out of control, he’s sent 2 assassins after Tanjirou. Tamayo’s hidden retreat isn’t so hidden from these demons. They’ve been found, and their not planning on taking any hostages. Anyhow, the battle at Tamayo’s house begins next time. Enjoy the start of a goal for Tanjirou!





Click here for the 8th webm collection.


The battle for blood has begun. Those within the inner circle will soon have something to fear.

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Yumiko (@guest_3045)
5 years ago

Creating a thousand year cycle of hatred will do that to you.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3044)
5 years ago

That Michael Jackson is naughty. LOL