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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

How do you feel about tan lines?

A joint school operation has introduced us to a new student-teacher relationship. Takashi Takahashi and Hikari Hazakura will be working along side a few familiar faces, too. However, outside of working hours these two share a childhood bond. They’re no strangers to one another, yet Takashi is no longer a child. An innocent nap together isn’t quite what it use to be, though a few god like acts helped him out. She’s only Hika-nee in the sheets, after all. After that incident, Hikari wishes to truly see Takashi’s growth. A trip to buy some lingerie should do the trick. Unfortunately, Takashi nearly died of embarrassment. While Hikari was changing into his hand picked choice, he suddenly decided it’s time to go. Taking a hold of Hikari before she could fully dress led to a rather interesting run throughout the mall. Fortunately, as embarrassing as that was, Hikari can’t stay upset against her Taka for long.

It may have seemed a bit sudden, but this is how this one goes. The 2nd and 3rd couple will be sharing the spotlight moving forward. So, don’t forget about Mayu and Rin quite yet. They’re the other side of the school joint operation. Hopefully that upcoming school festival will be one to remember for the ages. Anyhow, ready to experience some physical education with Hika-nee? Enjoy her unbreakable hold!


OP: I’m sure you get the deal at this point.


Episode 7:






Click here for the 7th webm collection.


Who will it be next week? Stay tuned for more sudden erotic situations here at, Anime Solution!

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