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Beatless Blu-ray Media Review Episode 23

by Yumiko

For some of us, there was never an escape from this hole.

Methode has gone against Ryou’s orders. She has allowed Snowdrop to rebuild herself and fly directly towards Lacia. Now, this new and improved Snowdrop is more than Lacia can currently handle. It would seem the entire world is against her, but she still has one ally out there. Her request to shut down the AASC update services has been accepted by IAIA. Ultimately, the world would soon see what happens when all the machines stop. Dealing with the immobile Snowdrop was mere child’s play now. Still, Methode will not allow her sister to win this day. All ownership rights have been rejected, and she’s ready to play her final card. A temporary merger with Higgins will see her true power at play. Unfortunately, this means Lacia’s greatest weakness will now be toyed with. Even from a distance, Arato’s life was put in danger. However, going after her greatest weakness has pushed her to do something not even Higgins could of predicted. Lacia’s final trump card will be the end of Methode’s terror.

The daughters of Higgins are falling one by one. Even Lacia wasn’t able to walk of out this one unscathed. During Higgins take over, she sustained more damage than predicted. It would appear that her journey may be coming to an end. Moreover, there’s still one last threat down in this hellhole. The mass produced Kouka’s are still running around. Dealing with those units will take a miracle, but I have a feeling Arato will finally be taking charge. He did swear to see this through with Lacia no matter the costs. Anyhow, the final push to shut down Higgins will soon be upon us. Enjoy the sisterly battles!





Click here for the 23rd webm collection.


Is a happy end to this possible? Join us next Monday for the final review of Beatless!

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