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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Back once again!

Another summoning has taken place, and the individual brought forth just so happens to be a close lover of Nobunaga. Now, unlike Kichou, Ikoma Kitsuno is fully aware of what’s going on. She remembers her final moments clearly. Being Nobunaga’s concubine in her first life was a thrilling experience, yet she had one lingering wish. Dying at the young age of 29, Kitsuno wished to serve him once more in another life. That opportunity stands right before her, but she won’t be winning Nobunaga over so easily. He’s down for a legal loli, although his two other potential lovers aren’t going to allow a new girl to steal the show. A three way battle for marriage of Nobunaga has been officially declared.

Interestingly enough, the tension between Kichou and Kitsuno is quite real. According to history, Kitsuno was a lot closer to Nobunaga than Kichou. His reaction in the anime was spot on, too. Reportedly, he fell in love with Kitsuno the moment they met. Still, this is a different time and place. Kitsuno does hold the current advantage of age, but things could change. Kichou has already made it loud and clear that she’s the only wife of Nobunaga. Even if times have changed, she will not yield this position away. Moreover, there’s the third factor of a modern day girl aiming for his heart. Mayu may not be in the lead, still she’s willing to go bold for Nobunaga. Anyhow, things will only be heating up from here. Enjoy the growing cast of girls!





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Who will win? Stick around for the heated battles to come here at, Anime Solution!

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